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Leading Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers USA  are 14+ years on time delivery PCB Manufacturer at 1 Day Quick PCB Turns.

Synergise PCB Inc choose the best quality of the components. That is why we have to choose it from the suppliers with in the USA. There are many criterion’s above which the components have to pass from in order to use it in our circuit boards. As soon as we receive the group of components, we do the following step by step tests or processes.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers USA

  1. We visually inspect the quality of the components. We do check if they are good fit to use in the desired printed circuit board and are free from any kind of damage.
  2. The materials should comply with the standards of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). We do not want to harm our customers and environment at any cost.
  3. After done with the visual inspection, the components are sent to the technical team, where the components are examined at a micro level. The components are to be checked under microscope or other relevant instrument or machine to make sure to use in the customers’ best PCB design.
  4. Furthermore, the team checks the components in a way that it should be compatible with the design either provided by the customer or made up by our engineering team. The dimensions, electronics values and types, all these parameters are checked by our team members.

Before assembling, the components are checked prior to use in the original circuit board. It has to pass from the different tests like the Solder ability and etc.

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