The trend of outsourcing of manufacturing and production of the products to either China or other supposedly cheap labor countries had taken the strongest impetus in last decade with most of the companies shifting their entire production and supply line to China and hence depriving the economy of the United States its biggest share as well as depriving the native workers their jobs.

Comparison of United States and China Manufactured PCBs

It took nearly a decade for the business observers, watchdogs and the quality insurer to realize how China has manipulated the world market through their false and deceitful tactics. The china companies produced low standard products by exploiting their workers into to pry upon the minds of the customers through their idea of cheap products. Most of their products, when used by the people, didn’t work much longer after the warranty period where the warranty was provided or in most cases, no warranty was provided by the components.

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It became a source of laughing matter that something substandard must have been made in China. It became common knowledge that you cannot rely on the china products as they can always go out of order. The quality of most of the products went to zilch when their production was shifted to China.

Comparison Of United States And China Manufactured PCBs

The Boston Consulting Group recently conducted a survey of nearly two hundred large USA manufacturers, and found that about 21% of the companies which had shifted their production line to the china were considering shifting their production back to the USA after releasing the quality of their product which that had lost as well as the losses incurred in shipment, freight and custom charges. It was also observed in this survey that most of the other companies were planning to shift their production line back to the United States in the next two years. While the 33% other companies said they were will be moving their manufacturing and supply line back to the USA soon in the near future.

PCB China Low quality products

Despite being the current scenario and understanding of how un-effective it is for the United States based customers to do business in the china market, the customers continue to flock to the china market to purchase the low quality and unreliable products in hopes of saving a few bucks which is far from reality. The cost of products procured from china costs way more than what it would cost if purchased or produced domestically.

Reshoring vs offshoring

Chinese companies initially bid lower on the products in order to get the purchase order and when they are awarded the projects, they start to show their true colors. They start imposing conditions on their clients and ask for more leverage. They pressurize their clients into increasing the budget of the project and at this point the client usually as no choice but to comply as he has already spent a fortune on it.

United States Manufactured PCBs

When the products are manufactured, they have to be shipped to the United States which cost the client heavily as freight and duty charges have to be paid. In this case as the products were manufactured in china, there is no way for the customers to check the quality of the goods before they are received in the native country. Most of the products suffer damages during the shipping charges for which the customer has to pay more in order to meet his demand.

PCB Reshoring vs offshoring

No responsibility is taken by the companies in the china as they move on from one project to the other and in the end it is only the customers who have to pay the price. If any fault occurs in the products, there is no way of caiming the warranty as they don’t operate in the country as well as cannot provide the service and maintenance services required in dealing with high end specialized products.

How well do the following attributes describe products made in china

In light of these facts and experiences of the china customers, it can be advised that it is more economical, trustworthy and safe for the customers to purchase the products from the United States. The local companies in the United States like SynergisePCB Inc. which specialize in the production of the printed circuit board products care deeply about the satisfaction of their customers. No scare tactics are used by them and they never try to take advantage of their customers. The products provided are of high quality produced under the approved international standards which cost less as compared to the products procured from china if all costs involved are calculated.

Chinese Consumers increasingly desire premium products

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