If you are working with Printed Circuit Boards, there are a number of terminologies that you need to understand before you can start to fully implement the results that you want. There are a number of options and functions that can be made use of in order to fully implement the complexity in technology that you need without having to opt for expensive and difficult options. In this article, we will discuss some of the common connector terminologies that are used in the development of Printed Circuit Boards.

Connector Terminologies used in Printed Circuit Boards

These connector terminologies help the manufacturers in implementing complex and complicated connections with the help of smart and intelligent connectors. Some of the common terminologies are as follows:

1. Gender: There are two type of terminologies that are commonly used for the connectors involved in the Printed Circuit Boards technology. These two terminologies are Male and Female depending on whether they are plugged in or plugged into for making a connection.

  1. Polarity: Some connectors can only be plugged only in one way. This is known as the polarity of the connectors. The connectors are usually polarized in order to avoid wrongly made connections.Capacitor Polarity from PCB
  2. Contact: The contacts are the business portion of the connectors since they are metallic and they connect to form the electrical connections. A number of problems can happen with these connections since they can become oxidized or soiled.Electrical Connections
  3. . Pitch: In connectors, pitch is the distance between the centers of one connector to the center of the other. There are many connectors in Printed Circuit Boards so this is an important factor to consider in designing.Connectors in Printed Circuit Boards
  4. Mating Cycles: Most connectors have a finite life and the continuous connecting and disconnecting wears them down over the course of time. It is usually recommended to get a connector having longer life.
  5. Strain Relief: When the connection is made between the circuit boards and electrical source with the help of a connector, the connection may not turn out to be perfectly smooth. In order to avoid fragile connections, strain relief is provided on the connectors.Circuit Boards Connectors

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