There are a few factors that have to be taken care of during the process of manufacturing of printed circuit board and ensuring high level of precision in these will lead to high-quality manufacturing of printed circuit board products. One of the most important factors is the thickness of the copper layer on the surface of the substrate material and it is essential for manufacturers to ensure that perfect thickness of copper layer has been maintained in order to achieve best results during the operation of the manufactured products.

What are different measures of copper thickness for Printed Circuit Board

The copper thickness is usually measured as the weight of copper per area on the circuit board and usually, a uniform weight of copper is ensured in all areas of the circuit board so that there are continuity and smoothness in the operations of the products. The weight of copper material on the circuit board is commonly measured in ounce per square foot and 1 ounce per square foot in terms of circuit boards is usually defined as 34 micrometers thickness of the material. However, copper layers of greater thickness can also be provided in case there is a special requirement of the devices in which the boards have to be used. The layer, which is greater than 3 ounce of copper, is usually considered to be heavy copper layer and it is provided in high-grade application devices. These devices commonly have a high requirement of current due to which a heavy copper layer is necessary in order to ensure their operation.

In most cases, 1-ounce copper per feet square is the common thickness of the copper layer, which is provided, and it is able to meet the requirements of common application devices. There are various other standard thicknesses of copper layers for printed circuit boards such as 2-oz or 0.5-oz thicknesses per feet square.

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