There are a number of different steps involved in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards and it is important for people to follow the steps involved in a sequential manner in order to achieve the best results. In this article, we will explain all the steps involved in a logical manner so that readers can implement them as applicable in the process.

What are the Different Steps involved in the Printed Circuit Boards' Manufacturing Process

  1. Designing of Printed Circuit Board: Designing is the first step involved in the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards since people have to implement their favorable design on PCB software in order to reproduce it on a printed circuit board file. It is important to ensure that the design is optimized and perfect in every manner so that results obtained on implementing it will also be better.
  2. Printing on PCB file: In the next step, a design implemented in PCB software has to be reproduced on the PCB file so that the PCB assembly process can start. The design from the software will be printed on a paper and then it will be hard-pressed on the PCB file.
  3. Etching copper layer Printed Circuit Board: In the next step of the process, the etching of the copper layer on the PCB file will take place. In order to achieve the best results during the etching process, we recommend placing the layer in an appropriate concentration acid solution such as H2SO, which will dissolve the layer of the copper except for those parts where the Printed portion is present.
  4. Cleaning Printed Layer: In the next step, clean the Printed Layer so that the copper layer present underneath it will become apparent.

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