Printed Circuit boards are among the best and top class inventions ever in the history of mankind which have changed the course of our progress by making unthinkable things possible. The world of modern electronics which has been built owing to the inventions and advancements in the field of printed circuit board has brought such things to our mainstream lives without which we cannot imagine life today. Some of the greatest inventions such as computers, mobile phones, satellites and missile systems all require robust printed circuit boards in order to perform their intended functions.
Apart from the already existing devices and equipment, the printed circuit boards are helping the humanity in the invention of other great things. It can be said that the printed circuit boards are continuously fueling the progress of humanity and hence doing a great service. Some of the basics of the printed circuit boards that you need to know are listed as below:

  1. Printed circuit boards are the boards which are used to provide conduction current to the various components of a device as well as for the mounting of components. Hence the circuit board does the work of wire harness as well as the component support board.
  2. The printed circuit allows for novel designs to be implemented which increases the efficiency of the circuits as well as bring more reliability to the devices.
  3. The printed circuit boards are made from different kind of materials such as FR-1 or fire retardant materials.
  4. There is a layer of copper on the surface of the printed circuit boards which is used after making the paths for the conduction of electric current to different parts of the circuit.
  5. The components are mounted on the surface of the printed circuit board which makes a circuit board assembly. A PCBA is the complete circuit board which is used in the device.
  6. The printed circuit boards are of different types such as rigid printed circuit boards, rigid flex printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards. Different kinds of PCBs are used for various kinds of applications.
  7. The printed circuit boards are smaller in size and lighter in weight. This property makes them highly useful for use in modern devices.
  8. The printed circuit boards reduce the need for the short circuit protection as a well-made circuit board has less probability of being shorted.

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