Safety Standard UL 796 is a safety standard for printed circuit board products that is applicable in the United States of America and all manufacturers have to comply with this standard in order for their products to be used in the United States. This is comprehensive standard, which covers a number of different factors and ensures that high quality and companies manufacture highly safe products. Some of the factors that are covered by this standard include heat deflection, support for electrical parts in the products, electrical tracking, operating temperature of the device above which it is dangerous and flammability of the product. It is an issue that any products can catch fire in case of short circuit or other electrical complications due to which it is important for electronic devices to have a mechanism in order to prevent flammability.
Safety Standard UL 796

Therefore, this is the most important criterion in this standard that electronic devices have to comply with in order to be approved in the United States. Similarly, devices should have a maximum limit of temperature, which should be recommended to the users above which it can be dangerous to use the product. Standard also requires manufacturers to provide a mechanism for electrical tracking and heat deflection with the help of which high safety of the product can be ensured and users of the devices can be protected.

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