Over the last few decades, it has been observed that people in the circuit board industry, purchased products from outside of the United States because they could obtain lower prices for the products from those companies as compared to the ones that are on offer in the United States.

Purchasing Printed Circuit Boards

However, a follow up of these orders and interviews with customers who purchased printed circuit board products from outside of the USA have shown that they have been highly disappointed and regretted their decision of making an investment in those orders. Some of the findings of the interviews and major reasons why people regretted their decision of making investment outside of USA as given below:

  1. The products that were delivered to them were of low quality and did not meet the standard that they anticipated. The electronic industry in different parts of the world except the USA does not have enough technical and manufacturing skills for producing high-quality products.
  2. The users wanted to use printed circuit boards products procured from outside the United States in high-grade applications and devices but they were not appropriate for the purpose due to which the whole investment of some of the customers was wasted.
  3. The products procured from outside of the United States have very low resale value and customers were not able to sell them to other customers in the country in case of technical issues.
  4. There were many technical issues in the product manufactured by companies in other parts of the world since their designers and manufacturers could not properly follow the instructions provided.
  5. There were severe communication issues between the two teams due to which the products were manufactured but not of the appropriate standard.

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