Double Side PCB

1. Number of Layers: Double Side PCB, Multi-layer PCB, up to 70 layers.

2. Max. Unit Area: Double Side & Multi-layer-630mm * 530mm

3. Material Capabilities: FR-4, CEM3, CEM-1, Aluminum backed, High Frequency

4. Line Width/Spacing: Au (0.1mm), Sn/HAL (0.127mm)

5. Finished PTH Hole Size: Minimum Hole Diameter: 0.25mm

6. Impedance Control: #10%

7. Finishing: Gold Plating, Tin Plating Panel, HAL (Hot Air Leveling): Peel Able solder Mask, FPC

8. CNC V-Cut: Degree-30 Degree, 35degree, 45degree Depth -Panel’s Thickness: 1/3 Size -100mm*150mm

9. Profiling: Punching, NC Routing

10. Board Thickness: 0.4mm-3.4mm

11. Copper Foil Thickness: 12 u, 18u, 35u, 70u, 105u, 140u

12. Coating of the Hole Side: Minimum Hole 0.2mm, Board Thickness/Drilling Hole < or=7, Copper Foil Thickness 15˜50microm