Fundamentals of PCB Electronics Assembling by Special Instruments

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Electronics is the field of science and engineering in which a circuit board (of any kind) is used to perform an intended task in the form of current supply, made by the combination of transistors, diodes, and capacitors etc. The PCB electronics is nothing different than the basic electronics except that the printed circuit board is now used here. In this article, we will discuss some of the tools that are deployed in the assembly of the circuit boards. Most of the instruments or tools used are the basic of the kind used in the mechanical applications. We will take a brief account of their uses and applications.

PCB Electronics Assembling


This equipment is used to self-feed the solder wire into the system.

Parallel Removers

They are used to remove the Integrated Circuits that are attached in parallel.

Soldering Tester

The soldering joints problems are very much common during the assembling process of the PCB board design. To overcome this problem, soldering testers are used to check the solder joints accurately.

Static Level Meter

This tool is used to check the level of static electricity in a particular PCB printed circuit board. The static charge is an important issue for bigger circuit boards and the applications like in oil and gas plant etc.

Glue Stick Melters

They are the heating equipment which is used to melt the Glue sticks in a PCB board design.


The use of the thermometer is still the same here that is to measure the temperature. But in this application the thermometers used are of the special kind which is used to measure the temperature of the tip of the soldering iron. They are, of course, use for the safety of the PCB board.

Soldering Tip Polisher

They are used for the cleansing purpose. It is used to clean the tip of the soldering iron in order to provide the constant temperature and good soldering.

Dip liner

They are the tools used to remove the entanglement the leads of the elements used in a PCB Circuit Board.




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