There are a number of different methods that are used for the purpose of carrying out etching of copper layer on printed circuit boards. All these different methods are used for a number of different applications or circumstances for carrying out the etching work and in the manufacturing of circuit boards. Commonly, silk screen method or other less expensive methods are used for the purpose, there are various other methods that are usually more expensive able to provide a high level of precision in the etching work. One of the method that is used for carrying out ageing work in high quality and high precision conditions is the Laser technology as Singh process in which laser beam is used for the purpose of removing the extra layer of copper on the surface of the printed circuit board.

high-quality etching in printed circuit boards

Laser technology is capable of providing very accurate and precise results, which are based on proper calculations and the technology is operated by controlled processes which are able to implement high-quality results. However, the downside of laser technology is that it is highly expensive and it is not viable for common people to use this technology and prepare printed circuit boards. The use of laser technology can lead to significantly added to the overall cost of the boards or devices in which they are utilised. Therefore, more commonly less expensive methods are employed by companies for carrying out the etching of the copper layer on the surface of the printed circuit boards.

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