There are two types of USB connectors used in the Printed Circuit Boards commonly known as ‘Host’ and ‘Peripheral’. We will discuss in detail the different between these two types of USB connectors, however, first we will look into some of the common specifications and properties of different kinds of USB connectors:

  1. Polarization: A USB connector can only be inserted or inserted into in one way that is the polarity of the connector.USB Connectors used in Printed Circuit Boards
  2. Four Contacts: There are 4 contacts that are common among all the USB connectors. These common contacts are power, ground and data lines (positive +D, negative –D).USB connectors
  3. Shielding: There is a lot of electrical noise in the environment, which is why the USB Connectors are shielded.Shielding connectors
  4. Power Connection: The USB connectors are designed to have a robust connection before the data lines.
  5. Strain relief: These are provided with the connectors so that the cable can be protected from damage.Strain relief

The two type of connectors i.e. USA A and USB B, are explained as below:

USB-A Connectors: There are “Peripheral” or male connectors and a number of devices have these kinds of connectors.USB-A Connectors

USB-B Connectors: These are “Host” or female connectors and are mostly found on devices such as Arduino. These can be bulky but the connection made are smooth and reliable.USB-B Connectors

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