Alumina is an important material is used in the manufacturing of Printed circuit boards and the properties of this material are starkly different as compared to the others that are used as an alternative. Alumina is a ceramic material and the properties of materials are different from metals or fire-resistant materials, which are mainstream in the manufacturing of PCBs. Therefore, the application of ceramic or Alumina in the PCB industry is for specific purposes where it is not appropriate to make use of the alternate.

Advantages of Alumina

The material is hard and the strength of the material can provide significant support to the components that have to be mounted on the surface of the PCB. It has a very high performance as compared to its competitors and the thermal conductivity of the material is much higher as compared to other materials. However, one of the drawbacks of material is that it is much more expensive as compared to more commonly used materials due to which it is only used in high-grade devices where its use is inevitable.

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