There are hundreds of different kinds of PCB designing softwares available in the market, which can provide PCB designing services to the customers. The softwares are highly important in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards because before starting the manufacturing process, a complete design of the PCB has to be implemented in the form of software design, which is then translated in practical form.

Most Popular Printed Circuit for software

Some of these softwares have high functionalities, which make it convenient for people to implement designs and create the standard printed circuit board products while other softwares are not highly effective in enabling the people to create effective designs. Therefore, in this article, we have provided a list of some of the most popular printed circuit board softwares in 2019, which are being used by experts in this industry. The list is given below:

1. Eagle
2. KiCAD
3. Altium Designer
4. Proteus Design Suite
5. Ni Multisim
6. OrCAD
7. Circuit Maker
8. Fritzing
9. Free PCB
10. gEDA

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