Conformal coating is an important process that is used in the printed circuit board industry for the protection and packaging of the products for a longer period of time. The process is capable of keeping the product safe during the storage and shipping since it protects the products from the outside environment and keeps them safe. Printed circuit board products are usually susceptible to getting damaged due to the exposure with moisture, chemicals, dust, and extreme temperature conditions due to which it is important to employ processes and techniques that are capable of protecting them from the environmental conditions.

Packaging of Printed Circuit Boards

A number of different techniques are already employed in the industry for the protection of printed circuit boards where the conformal coating is among the most popular technique that is regularly used. The conformal coating process employs the use of a thin polymeric film, which is coated on the printed circuit boards and is capable of protecting the products from the outside atmosphere and keeping it safe for longer period of time. The typical thickness of the polymeric film that is used for the technique for the printed circuit board is 25 – 250 micrometre, which is highly capable of protecting the boards without affecting any other properties and functioning of boards. There are a number of different ways of applying the protecting coating on the Printed circuit board such as dip coating, spraying, brushing, and dispensing.

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