Point to point construction is a popular technology, which was used before the introduction of Printed circuit boards in the electronics industry. However, with the introduction of printed circuit boards, the use of point to point construction declined significantly and these days it is seldom used in their applications while the use of printed circuit board is mainstream for common and high-grade applications. One of the major reasons behind the extraordinary shift of electronics industry towards the use of printed circuit boards away from point to point construction was a number of different drawbacks faced while point-to-point construction was mainstream.

Printed Circuit Boards are much more Efficient as Compared to point-to-point Construction Technology

The most important drawback was a high level of complexity, which was resulted when the circuit board was constructed through point to point construction technology as in most complex in devices, hundreds and thousands of connections were required and it was highly difficult to make those connections while also keeping the complexity of the circuit to a minimum. Therefore, increased complexity stalled the progress of Electronics due to which high-grade devices could not be manufactured as it was not possible to significantly increase the limits of electronics due to limits of complexity that was possible with the point to point technology. Therefore, printed circuit board technology was introduced which was highly efficient in supporting hundreds and thousands of connections in a highly convenient manner without affecting the complexity of the circuits.

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