Chinese companies are good at marketing but their products are inferior. They want the world to believe that their products are cheap but in fact their products are low-quality and all low-quality products should be cheap. If you look at the facts objectively, you will find out that buying from China is not the solution but the part of the world. American people have let the Chinese companies get away with mediocracy for such a long time.

Below I have jotted down some of the facts that I learned about doing business with Chinese based companies and how do their practices map out.

Business Practices by Chinese Companies:

  • 100% advance payment: If you are based in the USA, you will have to make 100% advance payment to the Chinese companies through online payments. Most of the businesses in China are unreliable and once they take money, they do not keep the promises that they make in their marketing campaigns. If they deliver, the products are of low quality or have defects. When you confront them, they come up with every other excuse in the Chinese Red Book of Deceitful Business Practices. Since you have made 100% advanced payments and since China is a closed society, you have no other choice but to live with a bitter reality.
  • No quality guarantee of the products: The products manufactured in China have no guarantee since inferior and unprofessional practices are used during the manufacturing process.
  • Inferior quality products: The quality of the products is extremely low and most of them work only for a few days. The ratio of burned out PCBs or broken connections is extremely high.
  • Language barrier: China is a closed and outdated society, which has no managed to lower the barriers with the outside world. Majority of workers, salespeople and customer representatives in China do not know English. This creates a huge language barrier between the USA customers and Chinese businesses, which creates a whole lot of confusions and problems. It is difficult to explain your requirements to the Chinese companies.
  • Time difference: There is a 12-hour time difference between USA and China. It literally means that when there is Day in China, it’s Night at the USA and vice versa. It makes it highly difficult to have one on one communication with Chinese companies during working hours.
  • Time delivery issues: It takes months to deliver products from China to the USA. Sometimes customers have to wait for 2 months before the products can reach the customers.
  • Custom dealing problems: It is highly difficult to have custom designed products manufactured from China since the Chinese companies do not have such capabilities, their engineers are not highly skilled and the language barrier creates hurdles.
  • Extra shipping charges: USA customers have to pay exorbitant delivery charges, which totally negate low-cost mantra of the Chinese businesses.
  • No proper update about your order: It is highly difficult to track your orders since most of the time they do not provide tracking. However, when they do provide tracking, the movement of the products is seldom updated.
  • No proper responsible person: It is difficult to find a person who is willing to take responsibility for your order. Chinese companies have a culture of fear where the representatives are mostly unwilling to take the responsibility that workers of more professional companies would take. You are left alone if something goes south.
  • Made in China/World: “Made in China” products do not have good repute in the world and the term is usually used as a smear. This will affect the credibility of professional businesses in any part of the world if their equipment is “Made in China” labeled.
  • No money back guarantee: Chinese companies never provide money back guarantee no matter what happens. It means that you are taking a risk with your money and time.
  • Inhumane Labor Practices: Chinese factories treat their labors poorly and have a 996 culture, which has destroyed the social life of Chinese workers and society in general. It is the ethical responsibility of the world to put pressure on these factories to treat their workers in line with the conventions of the civilized world.

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