Printed circuit board assembly is the arrangement and mounting of the components on the surface of the Printed Circuit Board. This can be achieved with the help of special devices available in the market for the purpose. The surface mount technology today allows the efficient mounting of the devices on the surface of the printed circuit boards and the accuracy provided by the surface mounting devices cannot be achieved by placing the components on the boards by hand. The PCBA technology has made the lives of the manufacturers and designers of the PCB easier as previously in the conventional circuits, huge problems would be faced by the people in this industry.
However, the use of modern technology for making a printed circuit assembly requires special care and should be done carefully. The design of the Printed Circuit Board is a sophisticated arrangement and the chances of error or short circuit are high proportionate. It should also be stated that even a minor issues in the printed circuit board can adversely affect the smooth functioning of the device. Some problems can cause heating and other malfunction for the devices hence leading to major loses. It is therefore necessary to take precautions and follow some standard guidelines while carrying out the Printed Circuit Board Assembly job. Some of the guidelines that you should follow while carrying out the PCBA job are given as below:

      • Always take care while drilling holes in the Printed Circuit Board substrate material for placing the components on it. The holes should be as per the dimensions of the component and they should never be large in size. Large size holes can cause short circuit after soldering and they also take up lots of space on the board.
      • Make sure that all via are taken care of perfectly. A slight mistake in dealing with via in the circuit board can disturb the working of the system.
      • Make sure that the components are placed on their intended places as required. Any problem in the placement of the components can cause severe issues for the working of the device.
      • Make sure that most proficient and quality surface mount technology is used. Inspect the board properly and remove any problem from the assembly created.
      • When soldering, always make sure that the solder does not affect other components on the board. The solder if done wrong can cause short circuiting issues. It can even cause heating issues for other components.
      • Make sure that all the tracks are perfect after the mounting has been done and no track has been erased.

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