Synergise PCB Inc. is a professional manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards situated in the United States which has been providing high quality services to our clients through our technical and manufacturing capabilities as well the ease of doing business with us. Synergise PCB Inc. is the manufacturer and developer of the printed circuit boards, printed circuit board assembly products and devices and the flexible PCBs. We are an American based company and have been provided our services in the electronic industry. In the printed circuit board field our capabilities involve designing and manufacturer of high end multi-layer PCBs up to 70 layers. Dealing with multi-layer PCBs can be arduous and requires high technical capabilities which are something we can boast.

Due to our professional stature in the PCB manufacturing industry we follow the best practices in the business around the world which complies with the international standards of doing business. Some of the top aspects of our business practices are listed as below,

  1. No Compromise on Quality – It has always been our motto since our inception in this business to never compromise on the quality and standard of our products and the standard of support provided to our customers. Even our competitors in this field will laud our efforts of providing high end, high tech and highly reliable products.PCB Quality Assurance
  2. Low Profit Margins – At synergisePCB Inc. it is our commitment to provide high quality products to our customers at very cheap rates. We maintain very low profit margins for ourselves will provide the products at highly competitive rates to our clients. The rates provided by us are competitive with the china market this is why the clients who know us never go anywhere else.PCB Low Price
  3. Quality of Service – We provide the ease of doing business and quality of service to our customers. We have a 24/7 service provider team at our disposal which cares about the service needs of our clients around the clock. Our professional site is also available to the clients for doing business all the time.PCB Good Reviews
  4. Honesty and Transparency – Honesty and transparency are two guiding rules at SynergisePCB Inc. which guide us along the way in doing business with our clients. We completely involve our clients in the follow up of their orders and keep them updated on the progress on all stages of the work. This removes the hesitation, ambiguity and minor issues in the working process while best results are produced.Transparency of PCB
  5. Never Take Advantage of the Client – One of the best business practices at SynergisePCB Inc. is to never take advantage of the clients no matter what opportunity you are provided with. We understand not our clients are technical or experienced in doing business at this level which leads some companies to exploit their lack of understanding but we here at SynergisePCB Inc. listen to their requirements, show them how we are going to work on it and teach them how to follow through on their order. This way we have managed to win the trust and respect of our clients who never leave us once they do business with us.
  6. Customer > Staff > Shareholder – At synergisePCB Inc. we follow the rule that the customer or client always comes first. We tend to our customers on priority basis in order to provide them greatest level of comfort and satisfaction in doing business with us. The second priority is the working staff that has to deliver the work and achieve top results for the clients and the country. The third priority is the shareholders who finance us and give us the valuable capital of expanding our business and produce best results for the customers.



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