Synergise PCB Inc. is a professional manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards situated in the United States which has been providing high quality services to our clients through our technical and manufacturing capabilities as well the ease of doing business with us. Synergise PCB Inc. is the manufacturer and developer of the printed circuit boards, printed circuit board assembly products and devices and the flexible PCBs. We are an American based company and have been provided our services in the electronic industry. In the printed circuit board field our capabilities involve designing and manufacturer of high end multi-layer PCBs up to 70 layers. Dealing with multi-layer PCBs can be arduous and requires high technical capabilities which are something we can boast.

Step To Step Guide of Doing Business with Synergise PCB Inc

In this guide we will explain how easy and effective it is to do business with us as compared to any where else around the world.

    • USA Based Company – Since we are a USA based company, all our business domains are based in the united states. This makes it quite convenient for our clients to find us in the market and do business with us.
    • 24/7 Availablity to clients – We provide 24/7 customer support service to our clients so no matter where you are in the United States or anywhere in the world, the time zone doesn’t matter and you can have the support you need at any time.
    • Professional Running Website – We have a professional running website where all our information is commercially availavle to our clients. You can search us on the internet and place your orders to us directly through the internet as it reduces the time and cost of reaching to us.

Synergise PCB Company Details

    • Consultancy Services – We provide consultancy services to our clients before they are ready to place the orders. We like to arrange a meeting where we can have understanding of their needs and requirements and we try to satisfy them with our capabilities. They can then move forward with confirming the order once they are satisfied with what we have to offer. In case the client is busy and cannot arrange a meeting, we arrange our internal meeting to discuss the project in order to getit absolutely right. We also provide video conferencing options to our clients if they are residing in different statesor outside of the United States.
    • Contract Signing – Once the order has been confirmed we do a contrat signing where we provide the necessary assurances to our clients so we are bounded to deliver to their satisfaction. Very rarely the companies provide such kind of services which makes us unque around the world.
    • Manufacturing Process – once the order has been confirmed, we start the manufacturing process. Once the manufacturing process has been completed, the assembly process is started in an integrated approach. During this time we keep our clients updated with the status of the work we are doing. After the manufacturing has been completed, the testing of the products starts in order to check if all the products are up to the approved international standards. Those products which pass the tests are prepared for shipping while those which don’t pass are sent to remake.
    • Shipping/Delivery of Items – We provide shipping and delivery services for our clients so they don’t have to be bothered with anything during all this process. Our delivery period is shortest among all our competitors around the world.

Synergise PCB Offer

These basic steps of doing business with us prove that we are one of the leading printed circuit board manufacturers around the world which are best suited to carry out the business with. In case you need more information, you can contact us or reach to us through our website.


Synergise PCB Inc Leading Printed Circuit board Manfuacturer & Assembler in united states