Chinese never buy Chinese products despite the fact that the Chinese government has highly unfavorable regulations and restrictions against western companies and brands. Most of the popular and high performing western brands have been banned or restricted in China in order to favor the local companies and brands by the Chinese government but the fact remains that the low-quality and copy-kat products manufactured by the Chinese companies by rejected by the Chinese population at large.

Not just the tech brands but fashion and lifestyle brands of the USA and Europe are loved in China and they have managed to find a strong market in the country. The only reason behind this fact that Chinese are not found of the China brand is that they are aware of the false advertising practices followed by those companies are they can easily found out the low standard products manufactured in the country. They are aware of the fact that buying Chinese products is more expensive as compared to high-quality western products, which have better style, performance and last longer.

The only thing that the Chinese companies are good at is the exploitation of their workers through business and factory practices, which are dismantling the social life of the workers. Chinese people, who have suffered these horrific practices, understand that buying these products will only give air to the demoralizing practices followed by the business leaders in China.

However, there is also no doubt that a lot of people in the USA and the western world insist on buying products from China. This is where the question arises, “Chinese Never Buy Chinese Products than why do we?” The problem is that China is a closed country with laws and regulations, which are oblivious of the standards of the civilized world. The truth about China, the factory practices and the manufacturing standards in China are unknown to the people in the West. China has successfully managed to promote the false narrative that its products are cheaper so they are worth buying. It is, however, untrue and the Chinese products are anything but cheaper if all the criteria of cost analysis are considered.

It is a mere common sense deduction that if Chinese people are not buying their own products than they clearly know something about these products that we do not know. It is about time that we should stop ignoring the facts and call the Chinese products and companies for what they are i.e. expensive, low quality and product of exploitation of Chinese workers.

Printed Circuit Boards are among those products, which are now greatly imported from China but if we compare China-manufactured PCBs with the USA manufactured PCBs than we will find out that the USA manufactured PCBs are better quality, high performing, long lasting and cheap. SynergisePCB has taken it upon itself to counter the false narrative of the Chinese companies by providing high quality and cheap PCBs to the users all over the world. Our capabilities are comparable to all the major players in the USA. We are based in Chicago since 2005 offering excellent services to our clients. You can get in touch with us if you are looking for quick and reliable services at contacts giving below:

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