HDI circuits allow the users to develop complex and advanced circuits and use them in small and compact devices. In other words, various functions can be performed with the help of HDI Printed circuit Boards by drawing denser routes and placing the components in high-density environment. Some of the prominent features of the HDI PCBs, which have allowed the manufacturers to design and develop complex devices are as follows:

Method of Connector Clips

  1. Convenience in SMD: It is more convenient and cost effective to place components on the HDI PCBs since the surface mount technology have also advanced significantly. Now the components can be easily placed in close proximity allowing the manufacturers to make better use of the PCB space.
  2. Quick Routing: In HDI PCBs, the routing can be done easily and the conduction is fast. The routes can be close to each other in a denser environment.
  3. Component Relocation Control: In HDI Printed circuit boards, the need to relocate the components or modify the design is minimized since all components are in close proximity and the designs are highly optimized.
  4. More Space: One of the best plus of the HDI PCBs is that a lot can be done in the space available. More and more components can be placed in the space available. The via technology allows connecting different layers to form multilayer PCBs for more advanced functioning.

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