The Printed Circuit Board or the printed wiring board becomes a Printed Circuit Boards Assembly (PCBA) when the electronic components are placed on it on their designated places. The process of Printed Circuit board assembly is of utmost significance and requires special care and automated techniques to be completed. SynergisePCB provides enumerate advantages in PCBA process over any other PCBA assembler around the world.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Advantage

Synergise PCB is a USA based company with all the processes of Printed circuit board assembly taken care of in USA. High standards of quality and production are maintained in our assembly environment as per the rules in the United States. The products at SynergisePCB are all manufactured in U.S.A which makes us stand out from our competitors. We make no compromise with the quality and IPC standard class II are strictly maintained in our industry.

Synergise PCB are all manufactured in U.S.A

Since our products are manufactured in the USA under strict quality standards, our products are classified under premium quality products. All products are tested through standardized tests administered for the printed circuit board assembly PCBA process.

printed circuit board assembly PCBA process

The products we provide are equipped with high-tech devices and machines in order to ensure the high performance, efficiency, quality and reliability of our products. All the equipped devices match the standard of our PCB products and no compromise is accepted in any case.

PCB products

We manufacture and assemble our products in the USA and all the standards of quality are maintained while at the same time the international standard of manufacturing, assembly and production are also maintained so our products are usable anywhere in the world.

We provide integration of design with bare board fabrication and system level testing at the same place. This ensures the quality control and makes the process of integration and assembly quick and more reliable.

In the assembly process, we employ high tech equipments capable of supporting powerful material expertise. The instruments used are high techs which are considered standard in the field of PCB assembly process. Some of the common instruments used are Multi-layer processing machines, Hot Pressing 350 Ton M/C with 6 Opening, Registration Bonding Machine, Target Hole Drilling Machine CCD Type, Orbotech 1450 AOI with Repair Station, Automatic Brown Oxide Treatment Line, Acidic Etching line, prepare cutter, copper foil cutter, cold pressing M/C, Drilling section, Shearing Machine, CNC drilling machine, compressor with Dryer, stack master and the central dust collection system.

solder lifecycle determine reliability & PCBA lifecycle

Various checks are performed in order to check whether the PCB is suitable or eligible to be utilized in the device. Before the Printed Circuit Board assembly process begins, the DFM checks have to be performed in order to insure the suitability of starting the assembly process. The DFM checks cut cost by eliminating various unforeseen problems which may arise during the manufacturing process. An example of DFM process is to check if the conducting tracks are too close to each other which can cause serious design and operation problems at later stages. As part of our commitment to quality at Synergize PCB Inc we do DFM/DFA checks at every stage of the manufacturing and assembly of the Printed Circuit Boards.

PCB DFM checks

The final inspection tests are performed in which the PCB is tested for operation under normal conditions in which it is supposed to work and the performance profile is established. If the performance profile comes good the Printed Circuit Boards is recommended for operation, otherwise the Printed Circuit Boards is either sent for repair or scrapped as per the recommendations. All in all the testing phase is the most important phase in the manufacturing and assembly phase of the PCB.

At Synergise PCB Inc. we put great stress at the efficient and reliable working of the Printed Circuit Boards and all assurance of quality are provided to our customers.


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