Machines used in Printed Circuit Board Assembly PCBA

The printed circuit board assembly process is highly automated at SynergisePCB which is completed through the use of high technology devices and machines in various stages of the assembly processes. The SMT processes uses specialized instruments while the inspection and testing processes involve high precision testing machines. The drilling and via quality testing processes high […]

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Advantage at Synergise PCB Inc

The Printed Circuit Board or the printed wiring board becomes a Printed Circuit Boards Assembly (PCBA) when the electronic components are placed on it on their designated places. The process of Printed Circuit board assembly is of utmost significance and requires special care and automated techniques to be completed. SynergisePCB provides enumerate advantages in PCBA […]

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services Our circuit board assembly services range from prototypes to Online 24-hour quick-turn prototype. Synergise PCB Inc over 14+ years of Printed Circuit Board Assembly¬†experience. The Printed Circuit Board is a type of circuit board having a board made out of non-conductive material with heat resistive properties. These boards are called, […]