Printed Circuit Board Basics

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Types of Resistors

Printed Circuit Board Basics


The resistors are the most used element in an electronic circuit. As the name suggests, the purpose of the resistors are to resist the current flow. It is always taken as the granted but this element has the most importance in any circuit board. They can be set together in series or parallel networks and serve as the voltage dividers, current limiters etc.

Carbon Resistors:

Carbon resistors are the resistors which are used mostly in the Printed Circuit Board. The one of the main reason of using this resistor in many pc boards is its economic value. They are readily available in the markets and are very cheap. The carbon resistors contain the grounded graphite (carbon) bonded with the ceramic powder (clay).  You can notice that both these materials are famous for their insulating tendency that is why they are much favorable in the use of the resistors.

Film Resistors:

They are referred this name because it contains a metal or an oxide film on a non-conductive ceramic or substrate rod. The layer can be thick or thin. They are much better in operation than the Carbon resistors because they can’t be heated and produce sounds during long operations. They are cut into this spiral or helix form by a laser. This shape helps in the conductive or the restrictive paths.

Wire Wound Resistors:

The manufacturing of this resistor is much same to that of the Film Resistors. The thin wire of the metal usually Ni-chrome, is wound on a ceramic material with the same spiral procedure. They are much used in the precision domain, for example they are best suited for the applications like Wheatstone bridge and the measuring circuit boards. These special types of resistor are called “Chassis Mounted Resistors” because they are designed to be physically mounted onto heat sinks or metal plates to further dissipate the generated heat.

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