Occam process is an intelligent process for the designing and manufacturing of boards and it makes use of high technology and standard techniques in order to produce PPCB products which are capable of operating for a longer period of time without running into problems. One of the major problems in traditional processes in the manufacturing of the printed circuit board is that manual soldering or machine enable soldering has to be carried out in order to keep components in their place for a longer period. However, the soldering is not usually smooth and it starts to wear out after some period of time due to which the products run into various problems as short-circuiting due to wearing and tearing of the components.

Advantages of Occam process

Therefore, the main manufacturers and designers have over the course of time spend a significant investment and time in order to come up with solutions that replace the requirement of soldering and enable manufacturers to produce products that do not require soldering.

Therefore, Occam process is one of those techniques, which eliminate the use of soldering in the industry and enable manufacturers to produce products that are capable of providing high-quality results to the customers and enable them to avoid soldering. Some of the advantages of the Occam process are given below:

  1. The process does not require soldering due to which it provides great value to the customers.
  2. The process is completely RoHS certified due to which it is environment-friendly as well as useful for the customers.
  3. The process provides great protection to the products and keeps them safe for longer period.
  4. The products do not run into problems due to moisture and high temperature since the process has a mechanism for the production of products under the circumstances.

Occam process is highly advanced and standard with the help of which high-quality printed circuit boards can be  manufactured that provide great value to the customers. However, the process is more expensive due to which the price of boards can rise so it is not commonly used.


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