There are different benefits of the process since it provides great value to the customers and enables the products to perform for a longer period of time in an effective manner. However, despite all the benefits, it is not commonly used in the industry, which suggests that there are also disadvantages or problems in the implementation of the process in the industry.

Disadvantages of Occam Process

In this article, we will discuss all those limitations and disadvantages that the process provides to the manufactures and keeps them from implementing it on a large scale. Some of the disadvantages and limitations that exist in the widespread use of the Occam process are given below:

1. The process has been termed as a “disruptive technology” because, in order to implement the process, widespread changes will have to be made in the manufacturing processes, which will require the use of advanced technology and new equipment. However, it is not viable for major Industries to overhaul their process in a short period of time and implement this process because it will have any impact on their operations.
2. The process has a significant cost associated with it due to which it is not viable for businesses to apply it because they are not able to bear the cost at the moment.
3. The application of the process requires the use of high skilled workers since ordinary workers might not able to apply the processes that are necessary.
4. The process makes use of epoxy products which release a lot of waste in the atmosphere which can be problematic and cause problems of the atmosphere.

Therefore, due to all these disadvantages and limitations, the process has not been able to be fully employed in the industry and only a few companies are making use of this process. However, it is expected that over the course of time, it will be mainly used in industry and the process will become more cost-effective and safe.


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