Panelization is a standard technique, which is used in the Printed circuit board industry in which a number of smaller printed circuit boards are a group together for making a panel. There are a number of different applications of Panelization process with the help of which printed circuit board panels can be manufactured having high capabilities to provide current requirement and product mount space for components in high-grade devices. Advanced Panelization techniques are available with the help of which a number of printed circuit boards can be combined together in order to form an n-PCB Panel or multi-panel which can then be used for variety of high-grade applications.

Panelization of printed circuit boards

It has been found out that it is more efficient to mount different products on panels as compared to single print circuit boards since the operation of the device can be significantly improved in case the components of the circuit boards are properly mounted on the board as compared to placing them on a single port in a congested area. Similarly, it has also been found out that in case there is not enough space on a single printed circuit board and components are placed close to the edges then it will affect their operation at a later stage because due to wear and tear, these components might start to lose their place. Therefore, they can be easily placed on a separate printed circuit board by applying the panelization process. The process of panelization is recommended in case the distance between components and the edge of the circuit board is is less than 2-3 millimeter because any distance less than this will result in significantly affecting the operation of the boards at a later stage.

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