The manufacturing in the united states for companies with an extensively production line or with small supply chain makes much more sense for the USA companies then shifting the production and manufacturing to China or any other low wage company. There are more factors involved in determining the benefits than just the superficial and imagined cost benefit.

Benefits of Manufacturing in the United States of America

The products manufactured in China have low consumer trust and most of the time subjected to ridicule due to the constant less reliability factor associated with them while on the other hand the products manufactured in the United States have high consumer trust index and considered the standard of quality, high efficiency and reliability. The products manufactured in the USA even cost less to the consumers as compared to the products procured from the china companies.

Benefits of Manufacturing in the United States of America

In order to bring to light, some of the benefits of production in the United States of America we have compiled a list for you as follows,

Benefits of USA Manufacturing:

    • Quick Delivery and availability in the market – Since the products are manufactured in the United States are quickly become available in the market or are delivered to the market as they don’t have to be shipped from another part of the world and do not have to go through the strict custom rules and regulations. In such cases, all the research and development on the product is done in the United States so it becomes to follow through on all the promises.

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    • Higher Standards of Labor Work – The workforce in the United States is highly skilled and has been trained to work while maintaining the approved standards of quality control. The workforce is specially trained to maintain the safety standards which are necessary ethical practice in the manufacturing industries. The workers here are highly paid for the hours they work which encourage the sense of responsibility in them.

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    • Supply Chain cost is less – Due to manufacturing in the United States, the time of shipping and delivery is reduced with online reseller even providing same day shipping services to the customers. This is only possible if the products were manufactured and assembled in the United States.

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    • Stable Currency – The currency of the United States is most stable as compared to the countries where the production has been outsourced to, which leads to unstable business practices. The currency fluctuations make it difficult to adjust the price of the items. Whereas, in the United States the currency fluctuation is minimal which helps maintain the positive sense of the business practices.

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    • Political Stability and Bull market trends – In the low wages countries the political instability is one of the biggest issues and the change of the governments can lead to unforeseen circumstances for the companies having their entire production and supply line over there. It can lead to the complete shutdown of the industry or in worst cases can lead to the confiscation of the assets by the rogue regimes.Higher Standards of Labor Work
    • In other countries, you have to maintain their rules and regulations which can seriously hamper the production practices and growth of the company. Such countries are also rampant with corruption which can lead to unethical circumstances for companies doing their business over there. In the United States, the political stability is a significant edge while the market trend on the greater part is upwards. It is advisable for the manufacturers to keep their business in the United States while promoting it abroad through their resellers and affiliates in other countries.PCB USA
    • The language and culture barrier can lead to miscommunication and bad results – In maintaining and doing business with countries abroad especially China where the use of English is discouraged, the language and cultural barrier can lead to embarrassing situations. It gets difficult to get your requirements across and severe miscommunication can lead to severe problems. While doing business with the native US companies, no such language or cultural barrier is experienced and smooth business results can be achieved.

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  • In light of all these facts, at SynergisePCB Inc. we have kept all our manufacturing of the Printed Circuit Boards in the United States in order to achieve best results in this business. SynergisePCB Inc is a manufacturer and producer of Printed Circuit Boards and it specializes in the production of PCB, PCBA and the flexible printed circuit boards. High-quality products at cheap rates more competitive than those of China are produced by the company. Production of PCB
  • We have always kept all our manufacturing in the United States and have vowed never to compromise on the satisfaction and trust of our customers. We have competed with the China market since the shift of trends and have never wavered in our resolve of protecting the interests of our clients, who in turn have shown extraordinary trust in us. It is our resolve to continue to work for our clients who require assistance in the manufacturing of Printed circuit board by providing them highly reliable, long lasting products. In case you want to learn more about our services, capabilities and working principles, please visit our website.

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