Over the course of last few decades the china companies and resellers have by hook or by crook, managed to instill the baseless idea among the minds of the customers of electronic devices that there products are cheap as compared to the markets around the world especially the United States Market and the European market.

Over the China Manufacturers of Printed Circuit Boards

This has led to the outsourcing of manufacturing contracts, production facilities and jobs to the china and hence handing a significant blow to the domestic markets. It needs to be bring to light the fact that only the substandard and low quality products of the china market produced by paying extremely low wages to the laborers working in the industry are cheap while the competing products of china manufacture are more expensive as compared to the products manufactured in the united states. The china manufactures only care about their profits for which they are always willing to go to extreme lengths and most of the time doesn’t have to be answerable to their dubious and unethical sales tactics.

The china sales and marketing people with their narrative of cheap products and mass production have casted a meme in the minds of the customers which doesn’t let them make an honest study and comparison between the variety of manufacturers offering the same services I their native country. The china producers are on a mission of selling the china products to the world no matter how for which they are playing with the psychology of the common individuals. Their marketing strategy targets the mentality of people when they want to have more stuff by having to pay less or to get low quality stuff even if it is going to cost them more over the long run.

Spam China Circuit Boards

Looking at this baffling situation when the customers are ignoring their own country products which are offering the same products at much better quality standards and either lower or highly competitive costs, we at SynergisePCB Inc. cannot but stress enough that the customers need to seriously do the market research before making any purchase decision.

PCB Purchase Decision

They should think about giving their native country industries a chance which are trying to add to the economy of the country and producing more valuable jobs. Similarly they should look at the ethical side of it before funneling money to the industries which are prying on the low wage laborer for their petty profit and material gains.

PCB Material Gains

At SynergisePCB we are the world class developers of Printed circuit board (PCB) and have proven our metal in this industry over the course of last decade. As commercial producers of PCB products our working methods and standards are unique and standout among our competitors around the world and especially in comparison to the china industry.

World Class Developers of Printed circuit board (PCB)

While we care about the technical and production needs of our customers, we also want to play a significant role in the progress of our country.

We have kept our entire manufacturing infrastructure in the country instead of taking it to some other country with cheap labor. We have done so in order to keep the jobs or add more jobs in our own country to it can help the economy of our country and our people can have respectable and good paying jobs. While we have kept the manufacturing infrastructure in our own country, we have also kept the prices significantly down as compared to our competitors abroad.

Lowest Price PCBs

Since our products are manufactured in USA under strict quality standards, our products are classified under premium quality products. All products are tested through standardized tests administered for the printed circuit board assembly PCBA process.

75% Offered PCB Boards

The products we provide are equipped with high-tech devices and machines in order to ensure the high performance, efficiency, quality and reliability of our products. All the equipped devices match the standard of our PCB products and no compromise is accepted in any case.

High Quality Printed Circuit Boards

At Synergise PCB we have the technical expertise for your special design needs of various needs. We can help solve your design problems through hard and efficient working at SynergisePCB Inc. We are in the business of PCB designing on high scale commercial level in Chicago, USA and all our manufacturing is done in the United States. We provide high quality premium products which have been tested and produced under strict standards of quality in the USA.

We manufacture and assemble our products in USA and all the standards of quality are maintained while at the same time the international standard of manufacturing, assembly and production are also maintained so our products are usable anywhere in the world.

We provide integration of design with bare board fabrication and system level testing at the same place. This ensures the quality control and makes the process of integration and assembly quick and more reliable.

PCB assembly process

In the assembly process we employ high tech equipments capable of supporting powerful material expertise. The instruments used are high techs which are considered standard in the field of PCB assembly process. Some of the common instruments used are Multi-layer processing machines, Hot Pressing 350 Ton M/C with 6 Opening, Registration Bonding Machine, Target Hole Drilling Machine CCD Type, Orbotech 1450 AOI with Repair Station, Automatic Brown Oxide Treatment Line, Acidic Etching line, prepare cutter, copper foil cutter, cold pressing M/C, Drilling section, Shearing Machine, CNC drilling machine, compressor with Dryer, stack master and the central dust collection system.

PCB Multi-layer Processing Machines

We provide money back guarantee to our clients in case of any fault or failure of our device. This shows how much confidence we have in our products as well as how much importance do we give to the quality standards of our products.

At Synergise PCB we work efficiently and work hard in order to deliver your needs in time with maximum satisfaction. Synergise PCB is your stop for all your needs in electronic circuit production.


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