Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Our circuit board assembly services range from prototypes to Online 24-hour quick-turn prototype. Synergise PCB Inc over 14+ years of Printed Circuit Board Assembly experience.Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

The Printed Circuit Board is a type of circuit board having a board made out of non-conductive material with heat resistive properties. These boards are called, in the language of PCB electronics, Substrates. They can be single layer or multi-layer (we design for up to seventy layers PCB).

The circuit diagram is really important for any circuit board to be manufactured. It contains the optimum position of the components, the joints, the values of the components etc. Starting from the basics, the circuit diagram is much easy to create. First of all you must know the fundamental abbreviations and vocabulary used in here. Then we have to apply the resistors, capacitors, transistors etc. values at the right position. Join these components with the straight lines connecting each other. Mention the voltage supply from the positive side to the negative side. For the big and complicated circuit boards, start from left to the right.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly or PCBA is the process of mounting the right components on the PCB circuit board and makes it ready to work as intended. It can be done by using the thru-holes technology or surface mount technology (SMT). Thru-hole means to create the holes on the circuit board (usually multi-layered) so that each component can be connected by each other via these holes. SMT means to mount the elements directly on the circuit board. Once PCBA is ready, it is sent to the testing where it is tested up to the desired quality. There is always some sort of small or big errors that are rectified in this domain.

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