Synergise PBC Inc. is the manufacturer and developer of the printed circuit boards, printed circuit board assembly products and devices and the flexible PCBs. We are an American based company and have been provided our services in the electronic industry. In the printed circuit board field our capabilities involve designing and manufacturer of high end multi-layer PCBs up to 70 layers. Dealing with multi-layer PCBs can be arduous and requires high technical capabilities which are something we can boast.

Compete Against The China Pcb Manufacturing Companies

We use high standard and high quality material as substrate for our printed circuit boards i.e. FR-4, CEM3, CEM-1, aluminum backed, High Frequency materials. In the multi-layer PCBs the minimum via size which we can carve is 0.25mm. The finishing of the products is done though gold plating, Tin plating, HAL (Hot Air Leveling) or peel able solder mask. We have the ability to provide the copper layer on the substrate of size around 12U, 18U, 35U, 70U, 105U, 140U. We have high tech machinery for the printed circuit board assembly process and the whole process in automated where the component mounting, soldering and the testing of the finished product is done in an integrated manner.

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We have the capability of providing personalized services to our clients and can work with them on projects of various natures from scratch. We have excellent technical team which can deliver smart and competent solutions to our clients and our customer and after sales service teams are always ready to deal with individual clients in real time basis. This is something which makes us unique in the market and especially in comparison with the china market where there is no way of engaging with their technical teams on your projects. They cannot provide real time services as well due to different time zones while being in the United States there will be no time frame difference working with us.

PCB Designed & Assembled in USA

We provide the prototyping services to our clients to see if the quality, standard and working of our products meet the requirements of our clients. In case they are satisfied with the quality of the product, they can move ahead with their high volume orders. We can deal with medium and high volume orders as we have large scale production of these items. We deal all kinds of orders whether small or big on priority basis and always try to deliver high quality and extraordinary results to our clients. If we were to bring the china markets in this frame, we can easily see that they cannot or mostly will not provide the prototyping services and only try to pitch their own products to the customers. They waste a lot of precious time of the customers and in high volume mix projects; they never care about the quality of all the products.

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Most of the time when you are trying to seek the services in a printed circuit boards related project, you would want to get all the expertise and services within one vendor without having to go through the need of engaging with more than one vendor. In such cases, we have the expertise to provide complete integrated pc board services so all you special needs can be covered by our areas of expertise. While if you were dealing china manufacturers, most of them provide single kind of service and for the complete order you may have to consult two or three companies. This makes the whole process complicated, uneconomical and time consuming.

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We produce premium quality products in our manufacturing line and all the components and devices used by us are high quality. In case of high density devices, we use highly reliable and standard items as the working of the multilayer PCBs is complicated and without the use of high quality products, it can run the risk of mal-functioning. If you were to get the similar services from the china manufacturers, it is a known fact that they use unreliable and low quality components in their devices which always run the risk of mal-functioning especially in the high density applications.

Compete Against The China Pcb Manufacturing Companies

Our products are manufactured in the United States are quickly become available in the market or are delivered to the market as they don’t have to be shipped from another part of the world and do not have to go through the strict custom rules and regulations. In such cases, all the research and development on the product is done in the United States so it becomes to follow through on all the promises.


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