Yes you read it right, the PCB Manufacturing and Assembly will cost you less in the United States as compared to if you were to get the same services from China or anywhere else outside the United States. The PCB services provided by SynergisePCB Inc. can compete with any other manufacturing industry out there due to its sheer commitment to consumer satisfaction, brand equity and the quality control. Over the course of last few decades the world and especially the United States economy has seen the out flux of manufacturing lines and jobs to the third world countries or the low income capital countries which has led to the significant dip in the quality of the products being and shipped back to the united states.

PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Cost Less in the United States

It is a general perception that production in the low income countries will cost less but we can see the prices of all the products which are being outside the united states are still very high and have never decreased significantly. We can take the example of Apple iphone which despite being produced in the china remains unaffordable to most of the people. At the same time the quality of the products has dipped significantly and the consumer trust has been significantly shaken gradually over all these years.

Since all the products produced in the china or any other country have to be shipped back to the United States for the local use of the people here, the shipping and duty charges significantly affect the prices of the items. They availability of the products in the market is also delayed in the process and the product which is available for commercial use else where does not available in the native country for extended period of time.

Synergise Offers

This is why SynergisePCB Inc. has kept all its manufacturing and development of the PCB and PCB products in the United States in order to ensure the provision of high quality products at cheap rate to the customers in the country in highly appropriate time.

PCB products in the United States

At Synergise PCB we have technical expertise for your special design needs of various needs. We can help solve your design problems through hard and efficient working at SynergisePCB Inc. We are in the business of PCB designing on high scale commercial level in Chicago, USA and all our manufacturing is done in the United States. We provide high quality premium products which have been tested and produced under strict standards of quality in the USA.

Printed Circuit Board Manufactures Support Your Country

We manufacture and assemble our products in USA and all the standards of quality are maintained while at the same time the international standard of manufacturing, assembly and production are also maintained so our products are usable anywhere in the world.

We provide integration of design with bare board fabrication and system level testing at the same place. This ensures the quality control and makes the process of integration and assembly quick and more reliable.


In the assembly process we employ high tech equipments capable of supporting powerful material expertise. The instruments used are high techs which are considered standard in the field of PCB assembly process. Some of the common instruments used are Multi-layer processing machines, Hot Pressing 350 Ton M/C with 6 Opening, Registration Bonding Machine, Target Hole Drilling Machine CCD Type, Orbotech 1450 AOI with Repair Station, Automatic Brown Oxide Treatment Line, Acidic Etching line, prepare cutter, copper foil cutter, cold pressing M/C, Drilling section, Shearing Machine, CNC drilling machine, compressor with Dryer, stack master and the central dust collection system.

USA PCB assembly process

We provide money back guarantee to our clients in case of any fault or failure of our device. This shows how much confidence we have in our products as well as how much importance do we give to the quality standards of our products.

At Synergise PCB we work efficiently and work hard in order to deliver your needs in time with maximum satisfaction. Synergise PCB is your stop for all your needs in electronic circuit production.


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