Synergise PCB Inc. is a USA based professional manufacturer and developer of Printed Circuit boards and the printed circuit board’s assembly. The manufacturing and developing line of the SynergisePCB Inc. is based in USA, Chicago which gives us clear advantage over our competitors all around the world in terms of the ability to provide instant and clear solutions to our USA based customer genre. We have the ability to provide 24/7 customer services while the order which are placed to us through our website are also worked on the same day. This kind of service in order placing, getting instant technical support or customer service support cannot be obtained by any printed circuit board manufacturer outside of the United States due to geographical differences and different time zones.

Order and Customer Service Advantage over the Rest of the World

We also boast quick delivery of the products to our customers which can be shipped after production within two to three days for the use of our clients. This kind of service cannot be achieved by any other manufacturer around the world since shipping of products from overseas has lots of regulations and steps associated with it. In most cases near about a month time is required before a shipment can be received in the United States after being shipped from China. This significantly reduces the benefits of doing business in china as compared to doing business in the United States.

The third major benefit of doing business with Synergise PCB Inc. in United States is the trust relationship in the matters of money transaction. Since we are based in the United States, our customers feel safe and secure in matters of payment. We do not ask for advanced payments and in case the customer is not satisfied with the performance of our products, we provide full money back guarantee to our clients. This shows our commitment of doing beyond the standard market norms to serve our clients as all we care about is the trust of our clients in us.

Synergise PCB Offers

This kind of guarantee cannot be availed from any other vendor around the world or in China as they have their own vested interest and all they care about is their own profits. The companies abroad and especially in China will never provide money back guarantee while they ask for advance payment before they start the manufacturing. This puts the customer in a weaker position while the china companies have all the leverage. The customer cannot impact upon the outcome of the order and most of the time has to compromise to the unreasonable demands of their vendor as they have already made the payment.

Synergise PCB Inc is a manufacturer and producer of Printed Circuit Boards

In case you want to place us your order you can do it through our website or contact us through contact No. available at the end of this article. Synergise PCB Inc is a manufacturer and producer of Printed Circuit Boards and it specializes in the production of PCB, PCBA and the flexible printed circuit boards. High quality products at cheap rates more competitive than those of china are produced by the company. We have always kept all our manufacturing in the United States and have vowed never to compromise of the satisfaction and trust of our customers.


Synergise PCB Inc Leading Printed Circuit board Manfuacturer & Assembler in united states