China as a country and nation has always remained oblivious to the modern world and has always resisted the changed which has swept the world recently due the development in technology, internet and the global digital initiative of bringing the world together. While most of the world has accepted the change and the western values, the china has remained hostile to it on political and cultural levels. The Chinese government has kept its people under its control by curbing their rights to free expression, free and transparent education, free internet and the ability to live freely as per their aspirations and predilections. There are forced to follow the damning models of cultural and industrial revolution brought about by their communist leaders which still continue to the role the country by stick.

Drawbacks of Doing Printed Circuit Boards Business in China - 2

The mitigation of development in the Chinese population has led to their alienation with western culture, language barriers as their government refuse to promote English language as a way to connecting with people while making no efforts of promoting their native language to the world, and ethical business practices.

PCB Language Barrier

The language barriers due to the refusal of the Chinese population to learn the alternate languages is severe and it gets really difficult for business aspirants to get their message across to the Chinese representatives. The language and cultural barrier leads to severe consequences and ends up effective the follow of companies doing business with them. There are great numbers of incidents where huge monetary losses were incurred by the companies involved in doing business with the china manufacturers.

It is understandable with the printed circuit boards, their manufacturing and assembly and testing is a sophisticated work of doing which takes lot of communication clarity to achieve positive results. If you are thinking of doing business with the china manufacturers in this field, you are only signing yourself up with whole lot of communication discrepancies. Getting your requirements right will take up most of your time, energy and possibly money.

Chinese world

In doing business with the Chinese world, it will be hard to understand the hierarchy of their business and most of the time you will not be able to spot the person of responsibility. You will be communicating with the low level sales representatives whose only responsibility is to get the word across of the other representatives in the company. You will not be allowed to trace back to the persons responsible for working on your projects so direct and better communication can be achieved. This leads to severe consequences in future and can cause you to lose considerable amount of money, time and energy.

Since you cannot trace back the responsible persons you will not have any proper update about your orders which will become the source of concern for your company. They might keep you hanging with their excuses and you won’t be able to do anything about it since you have no access to their hierarchy. In our professional experience, this problem has led many people to lose their jobs as their bosses were frustrated with the working practices of the china vendors.

PCB Strategy

At synergise PCB Inc. we give special care to integrating with the culture of our clients and you will not find any language barriers working with us. We are based in the United States and being native to the country, you will have clear advantage of working with us. We always take full responsibility of the tasks we took up and keep our clients updated on every stage of the work. We even invite our clients to visit our manufacturing facilities to see for their self our working practices and give recommendations for their requirements.


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