Over the course of last few years, the customers of Printed Circuit Boards have found it more attractive and unreasonably advantageous to do business with China due to the cunning marketing strategy and false promises of the china manufacturers. China has broadcasted the message of cheap and low prices to the world through it cunning marketers and have managed to hide the truth and realities of its market practices due to the political, internet and media censorship. What really goes on in the china market and what kind of practices are followed there are so perfectly hidden from the world that customers do not realize what they are getting into while making the decision of doing business with the china manufacturers and suppliers until they get the first hand experience.

Drawbacks of doing Printed Circuit Boards Business with China

We will share with you the experience of one of our long term customers who opted to procure the printed circuit boards devices for a mega project his company was working on. The project was enormous in size and required the capabilities of a major manufacturer to get the job done. For the smooth working of the project, it was required that the items be manufactured and delivered at appropriate time as otherwise the whole flow of the project would be disturbed.

Printed Circuit Boards Devices

Promised by the major and mass manufacturing capabilities of the china manufacturer at low prices his company took the bait and decided to do the business with the china manufacturer. In the first step of the contract, the company was coaxed into doing business with promises of delivering the project with high standards of quality and delivery. They were showed prototypes of the items which they claimed were exclusively made but weren’t in actual. It was later found out that they were baiting people with the same market strategy for as long as they were doing business and when the customer had no other choice but comply with the contract, they would start showing their true colors.

Printed Circuit Boards Business with China

The customer was asked to make the payment upfront and 100% payment before the batch of the products was delivered to the customer. In this way the customer had lost all the leverage and since no money back guarantee was part of the contract, they couldn’t complain if the batch delivered was not up to the standards of if they damaged products were delivered. They could complain on the slow delivery of the items as well since they had lost all the leverage by making the hundred percent upfront.

sales representatives of the china company

The companies in china have their own standard products which they produce in bulk and pitch to the world. As they spent most of their time and energy on producing their own products, they cannot work on the custom requirements of the customers. The client whose story I am sharing with you needed the custom made products but since he was only in conversation with the sales representatives of the china company, the lack of technical understanding prevailed which led to the manufacturing and delivery of the products not fulfilling the requirements of the client. The china companies cannot provide the flexibility of working with the technical team in order to get the designing and integration right due to the geographical differences as well the obscure nature of the china market. The time difference problems also came into play as the working hour of china don’t coincide with the working hour in the United States. This leads to uncomfortable and tiring working conditions for the workers on both sides which find it hard to concentrate on the work as well as produce the best results for each other.

What happened was when our client got the delivery of the items; it was way beyond the expected delivery time. The products didn’t meet the specifications and requirements of the clients while most of the products were sub-quality and damaged. They had to discard the whole batch while they had lost all the money since they were not given the money back guarantee. Their project was delayed for near about a year and serious financial losses were incurred by the company.

Chinas Delayed Delivery Products

Then they came to Synergise PCB Inc. for solution to their problem. We work with them in developing the prototype of the items they needed and once they were completely satisfied, we moved on to the production of the batch. We were able the deliver the whole project within a month. The payment was made to us only after the complete satisfaction of the clients. This is how we made them our long term clients as we were able to earn their trust.

If you do business with Synergise PCB Inc. we can assure you that your specific needs regarding the project will be taken care of with utmost level of understanding between us and the mutual trust. We strike to bring value and commitment to our work so that we need you our long term client.


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