PCB board manufacturer Tells Create Your Own Printed Circuit Board

PCB Board Manufacturer tells There is only thing required to create your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and that is the Enthusiasm about creating it. Here we present three basic steps that will aid you to create your first or next circuit boardPCB Board Manufacturer

  1. Etching is one of the easiest and common methods to create your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB). In this process one has to first create a layout on a relevant source. Then you must have to print it down on a transparent sheet of paper. Now this layout is transferred on a plain board using the Ultra-violet light. Then this board is dropped into a PCB developer solution followed by etching solution. The final two steps are to clean the board with the solution like Acetone and drilling the holes.
  1. CNC Milling Machines are also another way to create the circuit boards at home. This is the bit expensive method as the CNC machines are not very cheap. But the hobbyists create their own CNC machine in order to make this approach a little inexpensive. Drilling the holes becomes a tedious job when you have many holes. CNC machines support this very well as it is automatically drill holes according to the program fed in it.
  1. The third method is the most feasible, non-tedious and inexpensive one. It starts with designing your pc board, and then creates a layout using relevant software or manual as per you like. Finally you have to create the Gerber files and then send those Gerber files to the manufacturer of the PCBs. It is the best way since there is very less chance of making any errors. The only possibility is the error in your design and layout. And of course it is not much expensive since it is competitive market now and the manufacturers are providing services at the lowest.

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