Smart Use Of The Printed Circuit Boards In The Defense Industry

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Printed Circuit Boards

It is a common fact that the devices and machinery used in the Defense and Military industry should not be compromised on the reliability, good working under severe conditions and accuracy. Therefore the standards that followed in such industries are IPC-III, the highest of all the international standards class. They are used in aviation, naval and ground military applications. In this article we will put some light on basic applications of these small but heavy in purpose devices in the sensitive world like the military and defense industries.


Automatic search Jamming systems: Don’t panic, you have heard it right. The jamming systems which serve as to block the telecommunications signals contain nothing but the printed circuit boards.


Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile: Woah! Things are getting really serious as we are going up in this article. This is seemed very untruthful but the fact is that all the control systems of such weapons are managed by the automated electronics systems containing the circuit boards.


Radar Control Management: This is really a serious business and no one wants to do something that would cost big. Now you will get to know the power of such small devices better. These are used in some of the very serious business of the world’s defense and military control. The Radar is one of the important and highly sensitive devices for any nation. Though, it is also being controlled by the very own pc boards.


Command and Control Systems: The good communication at the right time is very needed in this domain. There is no tolerance of risks and second chance. All the command and control systems are being supported by these tiny yet powerful devices. Though it has a complex science behind it but we are not in scope of that now.

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